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Introduction to TechBeret

Hello! I hope you’re having a good day/evening/night/morning, or if you’re in outer space a good time without any link to the rotation of a planet that you are not currently living on. Also if you’re in outer space, can I just say that is super awesome? Anyways, back to the regularly scheduled program.

What is this?

This is going to be a personal blog, where I write about things that I find interesting. Posts will most likely be about something like programming, software development, electronics, firmware, RF communications, networking (of the computer variety), home theater, photography, gaming or something similar. This blog will mostly contain posts which I presume other people might find interesting, or it might become a personal dumping ground for things I want to actually be able to remember in a number of years time. We’ll see what the ratio turns out to be.

Who am I?

I am a software engineer working at one of the “big” software companies on fun stuff that I unfortunately typically can’t really talk about in a public setting. As is per the standard for this type of blog, I write only for myself and not my employer, whoever that may be.

I have worked on a wide variety of projects over my career, from robots to mesh networking to live airborne video transmission processing to RFID to embedded devices to long range RF communications to safety systems to cloud services to fog network designs and architectures. Whew, I need a break, just thinking through all that is tiring.

Why TechBeret?

I had been debating what URL I should use for my personal blog until recently someone at work mentioned that he saw a “floating beret” in a window (he was looking upwards to where my desk was, a level above him with a window in between) and I liked the sound of that.

I began wearing ascot berets in college after finding one randomly at the local Target store. I wear them most of the time when out in public, and sometimes even at the office when I forget to take it off after coming inside. Floating beret didn’t sound very tech-oriented, so I decided to keep the beret and link it to tech. Hence tech-beret! Note that if you are looking for a website to technologize your beret, this is unfortunately not the URL you are looking for. I have considered sticking an AirTag in the brim of the beret so it is more difficult to lose however…

Where is this hosted?

In case anyone is curious, I’m hosting this on CloudFlare Pages. Completely free, and if I ever get linked somewhere big I’d presume CloudFlare will be able to handle it.

How is this site generated?

I write all my posts in Markdown, and use Clean-Blog-Jekyll as my Jekyll theme. I then commit the post, push it to the git repo, and CloudFlare (fingers crossed) picks up the change and updates the site.

Where are the header photos from?

All of the photos on this site (unless otherwise noted) have been taken by me, likely on my big Canon camera with a big heavy lens on it. During COVID lockdowns I got back into photography, and have been enjoying seeing how much technology has progressed since I last bought a “big camera” (Canon Rebel T2i to be exact) in college.

Yep, that’s an affiliate link. I (hopefully) can make a couple bucks using them, perhaps to buy an extra ESP32 display SBC 😉 (that’s related to a fun project I hope to button up and write up soon).

Official disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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How can I contact you?

If you’re in the greater Seattle area, just look for the guy wearing shorts (regardless of season or weather) and an ascot beret walking around, likely at a relatively fast pace. If you prefer communication via a series of tubes, I’m available on Mastodon at @[email protected] and via e-mail at [email protected]. Note that I do have an (often more than) full time job in addition to my amazing family, so responses may not be immediate.